Has ill-health become part of your life?  Stress?  Mental and/or physical health issues, sleep problems?

Problems coping with life's challenges?

Perhaps you have had a difficult diagnosis, and are facing medical treatment which will be demanding on body and mind.

Perhaps stress has even led you to burn-out, and you wonder if you will ever be ok again.

Maybe it's been a while since you felt joy.  Peace.  Positive about the future.

You are very welcome here.  No stranger to these issues myself, I am now a professional therapist helping others find their joy, their strength and their wellbeing again. What I now use with my clients, I first encountered myself during a period of mental and physical ill-health (read more about this on my 'About Me' page), and it was powerful and effective in helping me.  So - while it's not for everyone, and I cannot promise it will be for you - I do know that for me, and for many others, it is an effective way to regain balance, to build strength, and to look forward to the future again. 

I use a blend of mind-body therapy {called 'sophrology') and emotional support to effect positive change for my clients.  My approach is gentle, deep and respectful.  We practise dynamic relaxation (moving the body to relax the body), breathwork, visualisation and meditation together - all tailored precisely to your needs. 

Sophrology is a secular therapeutic method that was developed by a psychiatrist in the 1960s, and is now used as widely in Europe as mindfulness is used in the UK: it is recommended by GPs in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Spain; it is used in hospitals, hospices, prisons, schools, workplaces, sleep clinics.  It harnesses the benefits of mindfulness but also incorporates much, much more.  If, for example, you would like to meditate, but find sitting still for 20 minutes challenging, sophrology might be for you: it builds in brief periods of meditation alongside releasing tension from the body.  This is very effective for many people.  Also, the dynamic exercises are derived from yoga, but - again - you don't have to spend an hour doing a yoga practice to get a similar experience of relaxation and focus.  With time and practice, sophrology can help support your healing journey, and help you to have an alert, calm mind in a relaxed body.

I am currently working with both men and women (individually and in groups), and children aged 7 and above. Please see my Children and Teens' page for more information on how I work with this age group.  I am passionate about supporting our precious young people as they go through difficult times.

I am fully qualified and affiliated to the FEPS (the European Professional Federation of Sophrology), and the CMA (the Complementary Medicine Association).

I am DBS-checked.

If you are drawn to finding out more about how we could work together, please get in touch.  You can email me here on the website, or find me on social media through the links at the top of this page.  There is light at the end of the tunnel you are in; there is hope and a positive future to be enjoyed.  Above all, please don't struggle alone anymore - you don't have to.

Warmest good wishes to you,



I am launching a new in-person, adult sophrology group in Ipswich, Suffolk.  It will start in February 2022. If you are interested in trying sophrology in a warm, friendly environment with like-minded souls, please see the details by clicking below, and contact me via the website.  I would love to welcome you there!

Sophrology is used in Europe in support of stress management; anxiety relief; burn-out and exhaustion; chronic ill health - physical and mental; acute treatment support; sleep problems; birth, exams and event preparation; corporate wellbeing; public-speaking and elite sporting performance. Coming now to the UK and English-speaking world!

Sophrology does not replace medical treatment. Please consult your doctor.

Building wellbeing, confidence and balance back into your life.


A therapeutic method used widely in Europe.  Mindfulness, breathwork, meditation, visualisation, dynamic relaxation - all in one place. 

Flexible, easy and quick to practise, personal. 

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The science of consciousness in harmony

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