Sophrology arrives in the UK

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Sophrology is a therapeutic method for physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing and balance that has been in existence since 1960.  Used widely in mainstream healthcare in parts of Europe (particularly France, Belgium, Switzerland  and Spain), it is pretty much unknown here in the UK and the wider English-speaking world.  Mainly because its founder, neuropsychiatrist Dr Alfonso Caycedo, did not write or research in English.

But this is changing.  Books are being written in English now.  Articles on Sophrology are being published in the English press.  Research projects are taking place in the UK.  Its effective application in myriad areas of healthcare and personal development; from birth preparation to terminal illness and dying; from sleep clinics to prisons; from chronic illness to acute treatment (operations, chemotherapy, dialysis); from sporting performance to event preparation (public speaking, exams, presentations); is garnering attention and interest on this side of the Channel.  In France you can barely move for stumbling over a Sophrologist, or visit your doctor without being advised to use Sophrology alongside your medication or treatment plan.  I know of someone who received both their treatment schedule for recently diagnosed MS, and the number of the Sophrologist they should call to support that treatment, within the initial consultation with their neurologist.

The Sophrology community within the UK is small but growing.  I am now seven months into my own two-year training at the only academy here: the Sophrology Academy in Kent.  While I walk this path, I thought perhaps I would start to share my experience and learning about this method, and to introduce it to you – my friends and neighbours.  For I have found it to be a profoundly meaningful tool for self-understanding, for living more fully and more peacefully, and for healing – both physical and mental.

So next time, I will share with you the story of what led me to discover Sophrology for myself and we’ll start to explore a little bit more of what it is and how it works.

For now, wishing you peace.