Children and teens


Young people come to see me for all sorts of reasons. 

They might be struggling at school, or worrying about a lot of things, or having trouble getting to sleep at night. 

They might be looking at a changing body in the mirror and not liking what they see. 

They might feel swamped with the pressures of studying and exams: exam preparation (making sure the child feels confident and able to be at their best on the day) is something I can help with. 

They might feel low or anxious or lonely or sad, trying to work out where they fit into this big world. 

They might have health issues, for which they are receiving medical treatment, but need support with their emotional and psychological wellbeing.

Typically, I work with children and teens for around six to ten sessions.  It is gentle and non-invasive work, and - with some practice between sessions - results can be powerful.  We look briefly at how problems are manifesting for them - the 'what', rather than the 'why' - and together we explore mind-body practices tailored to their needs.  This could include dynamic relaxation (moving the body to relax the body); breathing (I will teach them ways of influencing their nervous systems, rather than being at the mercy of them); guided visualisation (to build confidence and encourage them to find their own solutions); and brief moments of meditation (they learn to listen to themselves without judgement).  For younger children, the practices are playful and creative; using toys, their imaginations and their bodies, and drawing pictures afterwards to show me what they felt.  For older children and teens, the sessions are geared around the individual - some children will need to move much more than others and have faster-paced sessions; others will prefer to be still and reflective.  All practices are recorded so that they can use them again at home if they would like to, and I will suggest little tools they can incorporate easily into their daily lives to help build them back up again or to deal with specific challenges.

I am currently working both online and in-person, depending on where my clients are located.  I am DBS-checked.  And finally, I am a mother to three children myself - aged 11, 13 and 16 - so I am walking this way as well as talking about it.  I am very comfortable with young people and feel passionately about supporting their wellbeing.  Your young person will be in gentle, safe and respectful hands, committed to honouring them as unique and precious individuals who have within them all the resources they need to thrive.  The hard time that they are going through does not define them, and does not mean that they do not have a wonderful life ahead of them.  This world needs their very special and unique gifts, and it is my privilege to help them to recover their balance and strength so that they can move forward with confidence.

Please get in touch if you would like to explore further the possibiity of your child working with me.  

"Helena is wonderful with children - empathetic, warm-hearted and fun.  My sensitive 9 year-old loves his sessions and has learned some incredibly useful coping techniques."