Professional and sporting performance

I am skilled in supporting professional performance, and can help you to be at your best with a public-speaking event, or a sporting event.  Sophrology is widely used in Europe in this way, and up to elite level: the French rugby team and the Swiss Olympic ski team are two examples of organisations that know the power of sophrology for unlocking performance.  It is championed by athletes and CEOs at the very top of their game.  What we need to be at our best is an alert mind in a relaxed body, and the sessions work to develop this and overcome any obstacles to performing well under pressure. 

You can meet your challenges feeling confident and strong, unhindered by anxiety, and in a relaxed and open state to promote excellent performance.


Contact me to see how I could support your sporting team to enhance both wellbeing on an individual level, and performance as a team.  Sessions are delivered in groups, and tailored to your specific needs.

Corporate performance

Contact me if you are preparing for an important professional challenge: an interview, a presentation, a speech.  I can help you to feel grounded, prepared, confident and strong, and maximise the impact of your delivery and your chances of a successful outcome.  I bring to this my experience both as a sophrology therapist and a professional actor who has worked in the West End and on television, accustomed to performance and its demands on body and mind.

Photos on this page by Alex Lanting, Nathan Rogers and Kane Reinholdtsen, acknowledged with thanks.