What is Sophrology?

In 1950s Madrid, a Colombian-born neuropsychiatrist, Professor Alfonso Caycedo, was treating traumatised soldiers returning from the war.  He was inspired to seek ways of peacefully restoring consciousness to harmony, and his search led him across the world to explore practices that have promoted healthful, balanced living in body and mind.  From Yoga, Tibetan Buddhist meditation and mindfulness, Japanese Zen, hypnosis, phenomenology, autogenic training, and modern psychology and neurology he extracted the essence of what he felt made them transformational and blended his findings into a practical method he called Sophrology - meaning the science of consciousness in harmony.  His life's work became the continual refinement and development of the twelve levels of Sophrology, as a complete system for self-understanding.  For some time Sophrology was practised only by the medical profession, but it soon spread throughout Europe.  It can be a powerful and effective tool, both for addressing specific issues and for maintaining general wellbeing and deepening one's connection to life.

Sophrology uses the mind-body connection to strengthen, balance, harmonise and build resilience.  It combines gentle movements with breathing, visualisation, relaxation and meditation in a flexible and tailored way to cultivate positivity in the individual.  It is accessible to everyone, relies on no belief system, and does not take much time to practise in daily life. 

Please note: while Sophrology can be used to great effect in support of medical treatment, it does not replace medical treatment where required or recommended. 

A Sophrology session can be experienced in a group or individually (either in person or via Skype/Zoom).  In a group, we will practise together on a specific theme - say, confidence-building, or relaxation; and I will teach you simple techniques to use in your daily life.  In an individual session, we will first discuss what you would like to work on, and then I will guide you through a series of exercises.  Afterwards we explore your experience of the exercises.  I will then give you exercises to practise in daily living and perhaps an audio recording to facilitate this.  Over the course of our sessions we gently work on allowing the innate wisdom of the body and mind to work together to your healing and wellbeing.

I will be blogging via the website over the next few months, exploring Sophrology and its benefits in more depth, and discussing its application in different areas and with different populations.  If you are interested in learning more, please see the blog.